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About Us

Our Mission:
To rejuvenate an emotional sense of value and re-connection to this planet; through art, The Elementz Brand™®, education, collaboration/community partnership and advocating a positive, environmental impact, lifestyle.

''Elementz is about chasing adventure, exploring our backyard and instilling a true appreciation for what we have around us; just as much as it is about our woodwork, art and gear. This is a Lifestyle.''   -- Elementz Founder, Jake Elliot.

How We See:
It is our goal to bring a heightened sense of wonder, appreciation and understanding of the four elements, and their immense power to shape this earth and our lives, day and night, 24/7/365. Without The Elements, There is No Life. In order to change, we must understand what we currently have, to realize what we could lose. We channel these Elementz to transform natural products into original, one-of-a-kind, functional art. Made Proudly in Canada.

It is Our future which is determined by Our actions today.  In order to have a positive and prosperous future we must re-evaluate our
individual actions. Take the time to explore, be in, and Embrace the Elementz.  Only then can we understand what we may never have again.
It is an absolute focus for Elementz, with our gear, woodwork and lifestyle, to educate and provide a foundation to develop the respect, and understanding of this place, we ALL call home.

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