The Busby Centre


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About Us

''Helping Others ~ Help Themselves'' The David Busby Street Centre focuses on reducing the impact of poverty, homelessness, underemployment, addiction and mental health issues through outreach and services to our most vulnerable Citizens in the Simcoe County area.

Since 1993, the David Busby Street Centre has been operating as a drop-in centre in downtown Barrie, providing a warm, safe environment for homeless or marginalized people, low-income families, the working poor, youth in distress and seniors who are struggling financially.

The individuals and families using the services are often suffering from poor health, social isolation and complex mental health concerns, physical and cognitive challenges, and the devastating impact of violence and abuse.
Depression rates are high in our population and with the commitment from our dedicated staff, student placements and community partners, we are able to meet with our members in a time of crisis to provide same day service.
Jeff, one of our members suffers from depression, when asked how he felt about the David Busby Street Centre he stated: ''the David Busby Street Centre keeps me living day to day. I know that if I'm having a bad day, I can come to the centre and deal with my crisis right then and there, there are no plexi-glass barriers, no calling and having to schedule appointments, no leaving voice mail messages, no criteria or paperwork to meet, there are just no barriers here, I simply come in, put my name down on the sign up sheet to see my case manager and I sit and wait till I